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Langelier Saturation Index

February 20, 2018

he Langelier Saturation Index (LI), a measure of a solution’s ability to dissolve

or deposit calcium carbonate, is often used as an indicator of the corrosivity of

water. The index is not related directly to corrosion, but is related to the

deposition of a calcium carbonate film or scale; this covering can insulate pipes,

boilers, and other components of a system from contact with water. 

Cooling Towers: Efficiency Waiting to Happen

February 12, 2018

Cooling towers serve the vital role of cooling water for power plant heat exchange equipment. Sustaining excellent system performance is important because a one-degree increase in water temperature can cause a 2% increase in energy usage. Proper maintenance and a few upgrades could improve a cooling tower’s efficiency, while also saving water in the process.