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Is your water treatment controller misbehaving?

January 14, 2019

Recently we had a customer that complained about weird behavior in several of the controllers he purchased. He is a first time user of Lakewood Controllers and the behavior was attributed to defective controllers. After several service visits, nothing wrong was found with the controllers so we decided to spend more time training the customer as we thought the customer's expectations of the operation of the controllers, were somehow different than the way the controller operates. After several visits and email exchanges, we were able to figure out what the problem was. It was electric noise in the power grid. We don't think about it but, these controllers were installed in  New York City, where the grid is old and...

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Online monitoring of PTSA in Water Treatment systems

November 05, 2018

Online monitoring of the PTSA content in a water system is the latest in an attempt to measure the amount of chemical fed in a system. As any other inline sensor, current technology needs maintenance, calibration and care. There is not such a thing as care free PTSA sensor.