June 06, 2018


The business case for chem feed equipment bundles!

Are you a water treater? then let me ask you a question; do you formulate your chemicals for a specific combination of water quality and application? Please stop for a minute and think about it.

From the technical standpoint it makes total sense, the combination of the quality of water, the equipment that water is used in, and the process, create a unique combination that requires the engineering of a unique solution. Although this could be the best technical approach for each application, it can become cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming.

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June 05, 2018


Want to know how easy could b to measure Chlorine Dioxide

This video shows how easy it is to analyze Chlorine (Total and Free) and Chlorine Dioxide, with the Palintest ChloroSense View full article →
May 21, 2018


All you need to know about boiler blowdowns!

The boiler surface blowdown is one of those aspects of the operation that are often left as a second priority. Know how important and easy it is to automatically control the blowdown of boiler, to save time, money and downtime. View full article →

Chlorine Doxide, why is it a better biocide?

Why is CLO2 a better biocide? Watch this video to learn the benefits. View full article →
May 08, 2018


How a Fire Tube Boiler is built and operates

Short video showing how a fire tube boiler is assembled and operates View full article →
April 24, 2018


Eliminate operator's errors in your Chlorine residual analysis

The original development of the ChloroSense demonstrates clearly the improvement in the repeteability of Chlorine measurements in the field by completely removing  any aspect of technique from the analytical procedure. View full article →
April 06, 2018


Choose the Right Cooling Tower Chemicals

Microbiocides generally belong to one of two groups: oxidizers and non-oxidizers. The former attack cells by oxidizing (an electron transfer reaction) microorganism cell components. Non-oxidizers react with cell components via different chemical processes. Oxidizing biocides are still the most common biological control agents, and even though chlorine use is declining, it continues to be an important player in the cooling water treatment industry. View full article →
March 13, 2018


Controlling Chloramination in drinking water applications

The ChloroSense results show that breakthrough is not an issue with the chemistry used on the sensor. Free chlorine residuals are monitored as below 0.05mg/l over the 2 days testing period. The total chlorine results show ChloroSense matches on the on line analyser. View full article →
February 20, 2018


Langelier Saturation Index

he Langelier Saturation Index (LI), a measure of a solution’s ability to dissolve

or deposit calcium carbonate, is often used as an indicator of the corrosivity of

water. The index is not related directly to corrosion, but is related to the

deposition of a calcium carbonate film or scale; this covering can insulate pipes,

boilers, and other components of a system from contact with water. 

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February 12, 2018


Cooling Towers: Efficiency Waiting to Happen

Cooling towers serve the vital role of cooling water for power plant heat exchange equipment. Sustaining excellent system performance is important because a one-degree increase in water temperature can cause a 2% increase in energy usage. Proper maintenance and a few upgrades could improve a cooling tower’s efficiency, while also saving water in the process. View full article →
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