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About Us

We founded Yamatho intending to help our customers improve their work and life balance. We want to de-mystify the selection of automation equipment for the water treatment industry. Removing unnecessary information, we want to Simplify  the process to choose, order, install and operate our products. We want you to be able to obtain what you need and when you need it, with; confidence, on your terms, at your convenience and without having to waste your precious time on the phone/online  seeking guidance rom the supplier. 

Our first product was the Yamatho valves. These valves changed the lives of thousands of water treaters. The industry standard for cooling blowdown valves was the solenoid valve. The solenoid valves get clogged easily and water treaters had to face emergency calls several times during the cooling season. With the Yamatho valves, the users can run their control system for up to 4 years between failures. 

Yamatho has steadily grown and, currently, we have a broad portfolio, which we commercialize both directly and indirectly, in 12 countries.

We want to help reduce the water consumption in industrial processes, reduce the waste into rivers and lakes, and eventually, provide clean water to villages in remote areas.

We strongly believe that simple solutions, to old problems, are within our reach, and we want to assure they are brought to the end-users in the Americas.

We want to make sure our customers have options, innovation, and flexibility. In a market that refuses to accept change, we want to be a change agent.

 Our core values are:

  • Dare to be different

  • Defy conventional wisdom

  • Always innovate

  • Provide easy access to technology

  • Change by doing!

These principles maximize the benefits of our partner's products and services and improve their commercial relationship. At Yamatho, success is measured by our services, support, and economic benefit delivered to our business partners and their customers.

Mail Address:

Yamatho Supply LLC

18 Painters Lane

Wayne, PA 19087

Phone/Fax +1-610-365-7928


Now the Boring Part

About the Founder

Aldo is one of two sons of Italian citizens who migrated to Venezuela after World War II. Raised in Valencia, Venezuela, he developed an early interest in technology, specifically electronics and computers. After graduating high school from Calasanz School, he attended the Universidad of Carabobo, where he graduated with a major in  Electrical Engineering and a minor in Digital Electronics and Process Control.

With his engineering education and electronics background, he accepted a Service Engineering position at SIEMENS Medical Solutions, where he supported and installed CAT Scanners, MRI machines, and Ultrasound devices. Changes in the economic environment drove him to Betz Laboratories, which was opening operations in Venezuela.

As the first Applications Engineer for Betz Latin America, he had to introduce new concepts and ideas, as well as design, install, start, and maintain the control packages.  During this period he developed his commercial knowledge and skills that support business growth.

In 1999, Aldo accepted a position as an Applications Engineer for the Americas, based in Philadelphia, PA. Quickly, he became the Applications Engineering and Product Manager. In these roles he expanded his knowledge of the water treatment business and improved his marketing and leadership skills.

In the year 2002, Betz Laboratories was acquired by General Electric and became GE Water. During the integration process, Aldo accepted a position as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, dedicated to improving the business’s Price Performance. As part of the Price Team, he worked and led impactful projects, which generated $14 million in profit for the business and helped him expand his Marketing and Price Strategy know-how.

In 2009, a new career change took Aldo to ITT Corp., where he took the role of Commercial Excellence Manager for the Industrial Process unit. This role was part of a corporate-wide program that included the participation of third party consultants (McKenzie and Deloitte) to develop a framework which increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the commercial teams. The Commercial Excellence Program impacted seven billion dollars in sales, instituted a corporate-wide commercial program, and generated tools and training materials that sustain the processes created. During his tenure at ITT Corp., he helped develop the program during its global deployment and sustainability phase. His experience with commercial processes was expanded through the development of Marketing Planning, Price Setting, Profitability Enhancement, Sales Team Coaching, Account Planning, and Product Management Data Analysis processes.

During his final assignment at ITT/Xylem, Aldo worked with a global team to generate a 25 million dollars price increase for a company with $1.2 Billion in sales. In addition to this, he generated tools set for Product Managers to easily produce a standard analysis and graphical representation of data. This process and tools will enable the Global Product Managers to spend more time (average 160 hours/year per Product manager) making decisions based on data than trying to create their own ad-hoc reports/analysis.