Potakit® + Basic Portable Water Quality Laboratory PTW 10030

Designed for routine testing in the field, the Potakit® + includes a combination of visual and digital test instruments that offer an affordable yet accurate testing solution.

The kit of choice for NGOs and water technicians implementing small-scale rural WASH programs and for organizations with limited funds but who still wish to conduct an accurate assessment of key drinking water quality parameters in the field. Key features of the Potakit® + include:

  • Intuitive microbiological analysis – simple-to-use incubator with unique audible prompts for ease of operation and USB connection for data download
  • Complete physico-chemical analysis – visual testing apparatus for turbidity, Ammonia, Arsenic, Free and Total Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrite and Nitrate plus Pocket Sensors for pH and conductivity
  • Ergonomic kit layout – all key components laid out logically and conveniently to guide users through the test protocol

The Potakit® + provides cost-effective drinking water testing for a wide range of circumstances and is an ideal resource for WASH program implementation.


Wagtech Incubator with standard test protocols and audible prompts, high performance Lead Acid battery with capacity for at least 5 cycles per charge, mains charger with international adaptors, vehicle socket battery power lead, crocodile clip power leadsMembrane Filtration Unit, bronze disc, pistol grip vacuum pump with no-kink silicone tubing, 5 Media Measuring Devices (MMDs), 38.1g Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth, 5 Pasteur pipettes, hand lens, forceps, 20 Aluminium re-usable petri dishes, petri dish rack, 200 sterilised and sealed membrane filters, 200 absorbent pads, absorbent pad dispenser, steel sampling cup, sampling cable

Polypropylene 250ml beaker, sterilisable integrated work surface

Contour Comparator and discs, 4 comparator cuvettes, comparator reagents for 200 tests for Free and Total Chlorine, Ammonia, Fluoride, Nitrite and Nitrate

 Visual Arsenic Detection Kit with consumables for 100 tests

 Double length Turbidity Tube

 Pocket pH Sensor and pH calibration buffers

 Pocket Conductivity Sensor with conductivity calibration standard

 Cuvette brush, Dilution tube, crush/stir rods, De-ion pack, instructions, quick start prompt cards

Potakit® + Incubator                   

Test Protocols

37°C and 44°C temperature selections, user selectable time profiles, automatic resuscitation period profile

Temperature Stability

± 0.1°C

Temperature Control

Laser-trimmed thermistor pair with automatic temperature validation. Optional Peltier cooled version.

User Interface

On screen and audible prompts available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese

Data Log

Last five incubation cycles performance report


Micro-USB connection to Windows® and Android devices for data download

Size (W x L x H)

110 x 123 x 145mm



Power Supply

Replaceable sealed lead acid battery with mains, vehicle and external charging options

Power Consumption

High thermal efficiency heating system, 5 full cycles from a fully charged battery

Potakit® + Kit Specification

Microbiological Capacity

Wagtech® incubator with consumables for 200 tests for Thermotolerant/Faecal Coliforms or Total Coliforms. Optional Nutridisk capability for additional parameters including Faecal Streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella and E. coli

Physico-Chemical Parameters

Includes Ammonia, Arsenic, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Turbidity, pH, Conductivity. Additional parameters available.

Size (W x L x H)

Single heavy duty field case 555 x 428 x 211mm


13 kg

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