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Corrosion coupons

$ 6.90

• To provide a basis for estimating service life of process equipment.
• To provide an insight into corrosion mechanics.
• To compare resistance of one alloy to another.
• As a quality control test for a given heat of alloy.
• Pre-weighing and post-weighing of coupons available upon request.


Part Numbers


Part Number               Material                                        Hole Size
100100             C101D Steel                                                  3/16"
100200            Copper, CDA110                                          3/16"
100300            Admiralty Brass                                          3/16"
100400            Galvanized Steel                                         3/16"
100500            Copper Nickel, 90/10                                3/16"
100600            Aluminum, 7075-T6                                  3/16"
100700        Type 304 Stainless Steel                             3/16"
100800        Type 316 Stainless Steel                             3/16"
100900            Mesh Bio Film                                              3/16"
101000      Deposition/Scale Coupon Steel C1010     3/16"

Made in the USA.


Coupons can be furnished with a variety of finishes depending on your particular application. Some of the typical finishes available are defined below.
Mill: Finish as produced from mill
Glass Bead: Blasted with fine glass beads to remove mill scale
120 Grit: Fine finish commonly used in corrosion tests, such as, pitting studies where smooth surface finish is desired. Finishes up to 600 grit (extremely fi ne) can be provided.