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At Yamatho, we want to be part of the complete journey of the application of the chemicals. To effectively apply chemicals, the expert, should firstly ANALYZE the water, so decisions can be made about the correct chemical to apply, and the amount. The next step, in this journey, is the actual application of the chemical, or FEED. To assure that the amount of chemical applied is correct, we use CONTROLLERS. As the chemicals are fed continuously, the controllers will assure that changes in the system will be automatically compensated. 

Bring the chemicals on! 

We will bring the rest.

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Yamatho Supply is dedicated to support any company who is involved in the analysis and monitoring of water quality, application of chemistry for water treatment and monitoring chemistry levels in the water. We focus on supporting Latin America’s water treatment market, providing an ever-growing portfolio of equipment, reagents and spare parts, with an emphasis in simplified logistics and support. Among the brands represented are: Palintest, Aquionics, SEKO S.p.a, Lakewood Instruments, Excel Feeders, MegaWaters and others.



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