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At Yamatho, we want to help you stay successful and growing, while you gain a little more freedom every time. We commercialize products that are designe dto be easy to install and very reliable. Ever had a pump that looses its prime all the time? At Yamatho we commercialize SEKO pumps, which are guaranteed to keep its prime, and work reliable for years, if installed properly. 

We use Lakewood controllers, which are well known for lasting decades! We still get calls from users that installed the controller 30 years ago, never had to repair them but now need parts. We also use Yamatho valves, which will help you forget of the emergencies due to a clogged solenoid valves. 

Regain control of your time, avoid emergencies and enjoy life! Let us help you enjoy more free time. 

Bring the chemicals on! 

We will bring the rest.

Mail Address:

Yamatho Supply LLC

18 Painters Lane

Wayne, PA 19087

Phone/Fax +1-610-365-7928

Yamatho Supply is dedicated to support any company who is involved in the analysis and monitoring of water quality, application of chemistry for water treatment and monitoring chemistry levels in the water. We focus on supporting Latin America’s water treatment market, providing an ever-growing portfolio of equipment, reagents and spare parts, with an emphasis in simplified logistics and support. Among the brands represented are: Palintest, Aquionics, SEKO S.p.a, Lakewood Instruments, Excel Feeders, MegaWaters and others.



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