Metering pump Yamatho YP1000 1GPH max @ 175 psi with PVDF liquid end #yamapump

Quick to install, easy to operate and very reliable chemicals dosing pump.

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These high quality and intelligently designed positive displacement pumps, are solenoid driven diaphragm pumps that will reduce the time spent installing, maintaining and operating them in the field. Less time working on servicing the pump means more time for more productive tasks. With a facing forward design that simplifies maintenance, reduced footprint and enhanced diaphragm endurance, #yamapump is the ideal device to optimize the service time and increase your productivity.

  • Maximum flow rate is 2.11 GPH @ 30 psi, or 1 GPH @ 174 psi


  • PTFE diaphragm for extended operational life. Standard pump head in PVDF and ceramic check valves balls.
  • Flow rate manually adjustable by knob on the front panel, two frequency ranges (0÷20% - 0÷100%), Power-ON led indicator.
  • Level control input.
  • Complete standard installation kit composed of: PVDF foot filter and injection valve, 1/4" PVC suction tube and 1/4" PE discharge tube.
  • Standard power supply: Multi-voltage 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz.


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