TA601A Laser 9-point Measurement Infrared Thermometer Range -50~480℃/ -58°F~896°F

1. 0.5s fast measurement Read the surface temperature of the object to be measured within 0.5s. 2. Professional temperature hole The laser point is an auxiliary observation function. The real measurement is that the temperature sensing area is working, so the temperature sensing area can be accurately measured according to the measured object. The range of the object distance ratio is up to 12:1. 3. Laser 9-point measurement With 9-point laser, more accurate and effective temperature measurement. 4. Color display Large screen with backlit display, color screen design, clear data. 5. MAX value measurement MAX temperature measurement for quick locking of higher temperature data when measuring higher temperature objects. 6. Adjustable emissivity Facing different material surfaces, it can debug the emissivity to achieve higher precision measurement.  
Range of temperature measurement: -50~480℃/ -58°F~896°F Measurement accuracy: 1.5%+1℃/1.5%+5℉ Repeat accuracy: ±0.5%/±1℃(2℉) Resolution: 0.1℃/0.1°F Response time: <500ms      Wavelength: 8~14um Emissivity: 0.1~1.00 Adjustable (Step size: 0.01) D: S: 12: 1 Laser aiming: <1mW 650nm laser grade II ℃/°F Unit conversion: Yse Backlight display: Yes Laser positioning: 9-point ring indicating the temperature sensitive area Screen display mode: VA color screen Overrange hint: "HI" or "LO" Power supply: 1.5V battery * 2 AAA (Not included) Size: 155x92x42mm/6.1x3.6x1.7inch  
1 x Laser Thermometer 1 x User Manual 1 x Carry Bag  

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