Palintest CS 100 Chlorine Water Test ChloroSense Kit

The simplest water test kit available for measuring free or total chlorine. Portable, as accurate as DPD and now an USA EPA approved method.

The revolutionary ChloroSense® boasts unique sensor technology - developed specifically for measuring free and total chlorine. Designed for field analysis, the instrument is robust, waterproof and battery powered and has the following key features:

  • Simple and rapid measurement process – fill the sample vessel, insert the sensor then close the lid - in less than one minute results for free and total chlorine are available
  • No reagents and no glassware – ideal for food processing applications
  • Waterproof USB connection – for instrument settings, software update and data download of results log.

Supplied in an ergonomic shoulder case containing all necessary components for field analysis, the ChloroSense is designed for all skill levels and is supported by the full range of Palintest application advice and technical support.

To enable customers to make immediate checks on instrument performance in the field, FREE check standards are now included with this kit.

ChloroSense instrument, USB cable, 100 x CS sensors including calibration chip, sample bottle and instructions.

Measuring System Fixed voltage potentiosta


0 – 10 mg/l Free Chlorine

0 – 100 mg/l Total Chlorine

Display High clarity LCD with backlight

User Interface English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language options

Connectivity Waterproof USB port

Data Storage 500 results including date, time, test ID and sample ID

Size (W x L x H) 170 x 126 x 116 mm

Weight 975g (including batteries)

Power Supply 4 x ‘AA’ batteries

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