Palintest Chlorine Meter PTH 45D

The new Palintest Chlorometer offers a new dimension in chlorine in water testing. Used in conjunction with the DPD standard method developed by Palintest, it provides a level of simplicity and accuracy unrivalled in a portable hand-held instrument.

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  • Tests for Chlorine (0.01 - 5 mg/l)
  • Robust, Waterproof, IP 67 Rating
  • Available in hard or soft carry case
  • Easy to use (4 intuitive buttons)
  • Ideal for routine water monitoring
  • Narrow band wavelength filters,
  • Language Free, Universal symbol set
  • Large backlit Graphics Display Screen
  • Longer cell pathlength, excellent enhanced performance resolution at low concentrations

The Palintest Chlorometer is ideal for every application. The instrument is equally suitable for bench use in water treatment plants and works laboratories, or for field use by sampling officers and water quality inspectors.

Instrument Type

Dual wavelength, direct-reading colourimeter


Palintest dual LED light source optical system with narrow band wavelength filters and photodetectors


530 nm

Wavelength Tolerance

± 2nm

Filter Bandwidth


LCD Display

128 x 64 pixel screen

Instrument Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50°C

Test Cells

25 mm diameter tubes

Blank/Zero setting

Held in memory or reset for each reading

Power Supply

2 x 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries. Auto switch-off setting.


150 x 70 x 45 mm


185g (including batteries)








Free Chlorine (DPD 1)

0.01 -5.0

PM 011

AP 011

Total Chlorine (DPD 1 & 3)

0.01 -5.0

PM 031

AP 031

Chlorine (DPD 4)

0.01– 5.0

PM 041

AP 041


*Please contact us for pricing on reagents


Chlorometer, Chlorometer Instructions, 4 Crushing Rods, Test Tube Brush, 2 x Photometer Tubes.


Chlorine (DPD 1), Chlorine (DPD 3)

2 Cartons (100 reagents per carton)

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