NexSys Cooling Tower Controller with main conductivity, pH, ORP, pre-wired p/n NXC-1111-S-1S-XX-X-1XX

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The NexSys® control system is the latest in a long line of reliable, easy to use controllers from Lakewood Instruments. The NexSys® control system uses the latest in microprocessor technology with a 5.7” Color Touch Screen interface for a high level of application flexibility. All features, parameters, settings, and functional
requirements to operate, program, and monitor the NexSys® control system are accessible from the touch screen and DO NOT require the use of an external input, PC or device to operate or access.
The NexSys® control system even includes On-Board Help Screens with wiring, programming, and maintenance instructions. 

This specific model includes:

  • Single Cooling Tower
  • Main Conductivity Sensor
  • Makeup Conductivity sensor
  • Main pH sensor
  • Main ORP sensor
  • Flowswitch
  • Two (2) water meter inputs
  • Ethernet/BACnet/MODBUS connectivity
  • Pre-wired and pre-installed on a PVC mounting plate
  • Ready to be used

The NexSys® control system comes standard with the following system interfaces and DMX outputs:
LON EIA 709 FTT10, BACnet IP, and MODbus TCP. The unit comes from the factory ready to integrate readings into a BAS, including: The state of any installed relay (On/Off) , Water meter readings, Conductivity readings, Additional sensor readings (ph, ORP), sensor alarms, Additional 4-20mA input readings, Flow condition, and other digital inputs.
The NexSys® control system comes standard with Ethernet capability through a browser (HTML5) interface that allows 100% access to all features and control parameters of the controller.

The NexSys® control system has an astounding
array of built-in features such as:
• LonWorks, MODbus, and BACnet communications interface
• Ethernet capability through an HTML interface
• The capability to send E-service reports to a subscribed service
• The ability to display operating values with time and date stamps on color coded graphs with zoom and scroll features
• Up to eight active sensor inputs: 2 tower cond, 2 M/U cond, pH and ORP

Trace chemistry capable
• Two water meter inputs with field expansion capability to four
• Enclosure is NEMA 4X rated
• Two flow switch inputs configurable to any relay output
• Ability to add up to eight 4-20mA input readings
• Ability to add four digital inputs
• Ability to mount every sensor/input up to 400 meters away from the controller via 4-wire twisted pair
• Ability to control the chemistry in two towers at the same time
• Six relay outputs expandable to ten relay outputs for user configurable operations such as:

  • Feed by Percent of Blowdown Time
  • Feed by Setpoint with Percent of Time Feature as Part of Spaced Feed
  • Trace Chemistry Control
  • By Makeup Totalized Gallons
  • By Blowdown Totalized Gallons
  • By Percent On-Time
  • By Scheduled Feed by Day and Time
  • On-board Help Screens with wiring, programming, and maintenance instructions
  • Left or Right Exit plumbing assemblies available

Touch Screen Interface:
5.7” diagonal viewing area
Display size: 115X86 mm
Pixel: 320X240
Color: TFT 65536
Backlight: LED or CCFL
Power: 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Relay ratings:
120VAC 3A per relay 15A total
Enclosure: NEMA 4X, ETL

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