Liquid Polymer Feed & Control Stations from Yamatho High Capacity

The YAMATHO Series 6000PC Polymer Feeder provides the high energy needed to activate all types of liquid polymers. The metering pump is a progressive cavity type pump.


The Series 6000PC activates the polymer through a patented motor-less activation apparatus. It injects the polymer into the dilution water stream and immediately makes the solution flow through a low pressure, high energy, polymer activation nozzle.










1 to 16 GPD (0.2 to 2.5 LPH)

30 to 300 GPH (110 to 1140 LPH)


1 to 26 GPD (0.2 to 4.1 LPH)

30 to 300 GPH (110 to 1140 LPH)


5 to 70 GPD (0.8 to 11 LPH)

60 to 600 GPH (230 to 2270 LPH)


10 to 150 GPD (1.6 to 24 LPH)

120 to 1200 GPH (460 to 4500 LPH)


15 to 250 GPD (2.4 to 39 LPH)

120 to 1200 GPH (460 to 4500 LPH)


40 to 576 GPD (6.3 to 91 LPH)

120 to 1200 GPH (460 to 4500 LPH)




*   The Series 6000PC feeder has a progressive cavity type metering pump.

*   The feeders operate with potable or filtered process dilution water at 30 to 100 psi (2 to 6.9 Bar).

*   The water flow switch stops the polymer pump when the water flow drops below minimum.

*   The self-cleaning sight tube allows the operator to see how the feeder is operating.                            The patented assembly is operated by the polymer solution as it leaves the feeder.

*   The frame is made of welded stainless steel. Frame dimensions are: 16” x 24” x 30” tall.

*   The external injection valve is accessible without disturbing the activation apparatus.                             All components are modular and easy to access.

*   Operating voltage is 120 VAC. Power consumption is less than 10 Amps.

*   The PC pump is recommended for use only with gravity supply systems.                                         The pump cannot be run dry or it will be damaged.



*   Other pump capacities, as needed to meet your requirements.

*   Solenoid water valve.        

*   Dilution water flow capacity up to 10, 20, 30 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 GPM.

*   Pump controller that can accept a 4-20 mA signal. Digital display indicates pump flow.

*   H-O-A Switch to allow remote start-stop control.

*   Timer to allow a flush cycle.

*   Pump speed controlled by the dilution water flow. This maintains solution concentration.

*   Contacts for remote indication of Alarm, Pump Run, or Auto Mode.

*   Low polymer flow alarm. The switch uses a thermal dispersion type sensor, with no moving parts. The trip point is adjustable down to 10 GPD (1.6 L/H).

*   In-line aging tank. Tanks have a polyethylene liner and are fiberglass reinforced. They are rated for 125 psi (8.5 Bar). No additional level controls or pumps are needed. Tank volumes of 20 to 350 gallons (75 to 1325 liter) are available.

*   Voltages other than 120 VAC are available.

*   Custom designed to meet your needs.

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