Calibration kit for Yamatho's pumps

Yamatho’s pump calibration columns / calibration cylinders provide a simple method for determining pump flowrate using industry-standard graduations of milliliters/minute and gallons/hour. Top-aligned graduated scales allow the operator to survey both ml/min. and GPH in a single test. High-contrast blue lettering enhances readability in all light conditions, and all scales have a protective Mylar lamination to protect against chemical attack. All sizes feature rugged construction using industrial grade PVC fittings. Also, the kit comes with all the parts necessary for and simple and fast installation.


Material of construction



mL/min and GPH

Cylinder Volume

100 mL

Fitting Sizes

¼” and 3/8”


The kid includes:

One Calibration Cylinder

Two PVC ball valves

One PVC Tee

Six Fittings (3 of ¼” and 3 of 3/8”)

One Base for Yamatho Pumps, pre-drilled

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