Calibration cylinder, 100 ml from Koflo model 100 ML-SC

Koflo pump calibration columns / calibration cylinders provide a simple method for determining pump flowrate using industry-standard graduations of milliliters/minute and gallons/hour. Top-aligned graduated scales allow the operator to survey both ml/min. and GPH in a single test. High-contrast blue lettering enhances readability in all light conditions, and all scales have a protective Mylar lamination to protect against chemical attack. All sizes feature rugged construction using industrial grade machined PVC fittings.

Each Koflo® calibration column comes with two precise graduated scales behind a protective layer of Mylar lamination to protect against chemical erosion.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity Model Number Tube O.D. Column Height FNPT End
mL/min GPH Fixed Cap Top Slip Cap
100 1.5 100 ML 100 ML-SC 1.315" 12-1/2" 1/2" 7 oz

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