Lakewood p/n 1229244 Boiler 1575e Controller with SR2 Sensor, 1⁄2”Union, Orifice plate

Add product to cart for extra discounts! Lakewood 1575E Boiler Controller Kit, including controller, SR2 and 1⁄2”Union, Orifice plate The Model 1575e uses the latest in microprocessor capability, giving the user a high level of application flexibility. A large illuminated graphics screen, multiple

inputs, and very easy setup characterize this new technology. The Model 1575e is ETL approved.

Watch this video to see the 1575e in operation! Click HERE

• Removable power cord and receptacles for simple conduit installations.
• Scheduled feed, which can use three relays for biocides or other chemicals.
• Two (2) water meter inputs, two (2) drum switch inputs, conductivity input, flow switch input, 4-20 mA output,
and remote conductivity input via 4-20 mA are all standard features.
• Designed with a single circuit board for better reliability and lower cost.
• Large open shallow enclosure for easy wiring.
• Ball valve delay feature allows accurate control of motorized ball valves.
• Heavy-duty stainless steel domed numeric keypad and illuminated graphical display allow for quick and easy
programming. Steel domed switches improve the tactile sensing and life expectancy of the keypad.
• LED indicators for power, alarm and relay status.

Easy to program with the Lakewood plain English, intuitive, and user friendly menu interface.
• Controller can be used in boiler, cooling tower, or condensate applications when used with the appropriate
conductivity sensor.
• Single circuit board design improves reliability.
• No add-on options. 4-20 mA output and feed schedule clock features are standard.

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