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1269092 150, SR2, 1/2 Union, Orifice plate,

Lakewood 150 Boiler Surface Blowdown Controller with; SR2 Conductivity Sensor, 1/2 Union, and orifice plate. All you need is to order a 1/2" Motorized Blowdown Valve (p/n 1269179),  and you are ready to go! 

The Model 150 can be used in the Continuous Sample, Sample/ Cycle, or Sample/Hold modes to control the boiler water conductivity. It can also generate a 4/20mA signal to a remotely located conductivity indicator, measure and accumulate boiler's feedwater flow, and feed chemicals to the boiler.

• Use this Controller for conductivity control of boilers. It can be used for Continuous Sample, Sample/Cycle, or Sample/Hold control of boiler conductivity.
• Removable power cord and receptacles for simple conduit installations.
• One (1) water meter input, conductivity input, flow switch input, and 4-20 mA output are all standard features.
• Designed with a single circuit board for better reliability and lower cost.
• Large open shallow enclosure for easy wiring.
• The enclosure is rated NEMA 4X.
• Power selector switch for 115 or 230 vac operation.
• Heavy-duty stainless steel domed numeric keypad and illuminated graphical display allow for quick and easy programming. Steel domed switches improve the tactile sensing and life expectancy of the keypad.
• LED indicators for power, alarm and relay status.
• The display is lit by two LEDs when any key is pressed.

• Easy to program, the Model 150 Controller uses an intuitive menu and a numeric keypad for programming.

• No add-on options. Flow switch input, 4-20mA output, and three boiler  conductivity control methods; Continuous Sample, Sample/Cycle, and Sample/Hold are standard.
• Single circuit board design improves reliability.
• Multiple methods of chemical feed for application flexibility.

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